Tiffany Southworth

Tiffany is a recent Seattle transplant. After having a spiritual awakening in 2016, she left her corporate job in the fashion industry to backpack across Europe solo. You could say she was having an “Eat, Pray, Love” moment of finding herself. It was in rural Germany, where she took her first Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class during a work exchange program. After becoming enchanted with the quick and powerful impact these teachings had on all aspects of her life (and a fire in her belly to share the magic she experienced with others) she sought out to receive her KY 200 HR Certification as taught by Yogi Bhajan shortly after her return back home.

Through her practice of various forms of yoga for 7 years, and her continuous study of consciousness and spiritual practices, Tiffany holds a safe space for students to come together to explore their own spirituality, relax, and challenge themselves.

Tiffany’s Upcoming Classes