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Stacey Tester

Since I could do my first twirl, movement in many forms has been a huge joy in my life and very close to my heart. Yoga crept into the mix back in 2008 while living in Virginia, has been growing sturdy roots in my life ever since both as a student, and a teacher. I hold a deep appreciation and curiosity for how our physical bodies can guide us through exploring and creating who we are in this life, and have found yoga to be an amazing place where we can both be totally authentic in who we are on the mat, and also practice radical acceptance of the person we find there. It's such a joy to help guide student-friends through this movement with one another!

My upbeat, flow-based classes are taught with a direct teaching style, and are focused on safe alignment while listening to each person's individual anatomy. My goal is to create an environment where every person feels safe and embraced exactly as they are as we collectively heat up the body, slow down the mind, and let our breath lead the way.

Certification: 200hr RYT, YoYoYogi.



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