Sami Sattva

Sami Sattva of Mindful Hellos is a Portland rooted - millennial hybrid of a multi-media creative & marketing strategist originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is heavily focused on providing the creative elements of business development to small businesses who need professional support with building their business within the fields of Wellness, Nutrition, Apparel, Fitness, and the Music industries.

Alternatively, she is a lifelong athlete & student of Ayurvedic Medicine who expresses her talent in creative writing through her blog Mindful Hellos as a conduit to distribute science based education of wellness.

Her disposition in life is simple: Never forget your basics, live mindfully, be present - have a plan but stay focused on being in the moment to cure anxiety, adopt a toxic-free home, support veganism & animal rights, be audacious with exploration, love yourself inside & out more than anyone else ever will, and have heart & compassion to everyone and everywhere you go.

For more info on how you can collaborate, hire, or learn more about Sami visit her business Mindful Hellos here, and follow her on Instagram, support her Facebook Page, Pinterest, and Twitter.