Plastic Free Living with Melissa King

Hey #NOWfam!

Melissa here, sliding into your inbox and the NOW blog with some thoughts on an issue I am super passionate about - PLASTIC - or rather LESS PLASTIC!

Let’s get real about it - like REAL real.  Have you given any thought to our dependence on this fossil fuel using, hormone disrupting, ocean pollutant?  Landfills are overflowing, beaches are crowding, and little animal bellies are filling up with it.

It’s time to think outside the plastic packaging.


Like most mindful Portlanders, I’m sure you bring your reusable bag to the market, but do you bring produce bags, mason jars, and other containers for deli counters and hot food bars?  What about grabbing your reusable water bottle and coffee mug before you run out the door?

Taking our mindfulness practice off the mat and into our daily routines can help create new habits that involve less plastic.  Here are just a few things we can do to minimize our footprint on this beautiful earth. 

Skip the Straw. When ordering all the things - cold brew, smoothies, juice, cocktails, water (!?) Rumor has it they give you wrinkles anyway and no one wants that. Sea turtles are getting them stuck in their nose and whales are eating them along with their big mouthfuls of krill. So next time you are out and order a drink, add “no straw.”  Feel good about the minimal impact you’re making as you sip that delicious beverage!


Go Topless. If you forget to grab your reusable coffee tumbler when you leave home in the morning and you can’t quite make it through your day without a little caffeine. First off, I feel you, and secondly, take that coffee from your beautiful barista topless!  Ask for no lid next time and avoid placing them in the landfill where they will never break down.

Shop Bulk. Plan ahead when grocery shopping.  Make a list prior to going and figure what you can purchase from the Bulk Section. I buy all of my pantry essentials there, from quinoa to sugar to masa to nut butter. Also snacks!  Most bulk sections have yummy treats ready for devouring without the plastic packaging like other aisles. Shopping in bulk sections has helped me discover new foods and challenged my creativity in the kitchen.

Making little changes, one at a time will slowly make a difference. A difference on your body. A difference in your community. A difference on the planet we leave for further generations.

I am just beginning to document my plastic free transition. Please follow along and share how you’re doing it too!

IG: @mking_yoga  

Here’s to us saving the world, one plastic container at a time!


Melissa King

Want to learn more about going plastic free?! Melissa is leading a Plastic Free Living Workshop at Namaste on Williams on Saturday, May 19 at 1:00pm. In this workshop, you'll learn simple steps you can take to reduce your use of plastic. 

Melissa appears regularly on the schedule at Namaste on Williams, Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm & Thursday 9:30am