Yoga, Life & Finding the Flow: An Interview with Katie Cosgrove

For this month’s blog post we got cozy with the lovely Katie Cosgrove to learn more about her yoga journey, what inspires her and how she finds the balance with this busy life and being a new mom. Scroll down below to get the scoop on one of our very favorites… Katie!

Photo by  Erica Kait  

Photo by Erica Kait 

By Augusta Fishman, Founder of Namaste on Williams and Katie Cosgrove, Portland OR based yoga instructor. 

AUGUSTA: Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and how did you wind up in Portland?

Katie: I was born in Portland but actually grew up in Vancouver (don’t tell anyone, haha). After high school I went to University of Hawaii then moved to DC for my first job as a first grade teacher. After my first year of teaching I went to India to study yoga and realized I wanted to dedicate myself fully to studying and teaching yoga. I ended up in Australia for four years after India doing some more studying and teaching. From Sydney I moved to San Francisco where I studied and taught for two years before I finally moved back to Portland. Phew! I live here now with my partner, Mathew, and our 1 year old daughter, Ellie. So happy to be back home!

AUGUSTA: How has becoming a mother changed or shifted your teaching?

Katie: I had a very uncomfortable pregnancy that limited my mobility quite a bit. I suffered from intense morning sickness, fatigue and SI Joint pain. Before that, I had never felt limited in my body so going through that experience really taught me a lot about how yoga can sometimes feel inaccessible. It helped me approach teaching to all different kinds of bodies with a new awareness.

AUGUSTA: How do you find the balance with it all… mothering, adulting, teaching, etc.?

Katie: I don’t! Haha I feel like I’m always behind. Yoga is what helps me feel balanced and energized even though I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in almost two years. Oh and coffee! ALL THE COFFEE.

Photo by  Erica Kait  

Photo by Erica Kait 

AUGUSTA: What has it been like coming back to your practice and your body after having your daughter?

Katie: At first it was difficult. My body felt like I had run a marathon and then somebody beat me up after! Lol No, but seriously... I started by just doing simple movements like cat/cow, gentle stretches and some pelvic floor strengtheners  until I felt like I had the energy and strength to go to a vinyasa class. I think the first class I took was a few months after Ellie was born. It’s been a slow process regaining the strength I had before which has been frustrating and humbling but I’m happy and grateful that I have this fully functioning body that was able to create another human life and continue moving after!

AUGUSTA: Tell us about the first time you practiced yoga.

Katie: My first yoga class was during my Freshman year of college. I have never been a very athletically inclined person but I wanted to do something active and I fell in love with yoga! I loved the non competitive nature and meditative movement. I was hooked right away!

AUGUSTA: What kept you coming back to your mat?

Katie: I realized how good I felt after every class and wanted to experience that as often as possible!

AUGUSTA: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

Katie: I mentioned before that I was a first grade teacher for a year after college. I have so much respect for school teachers because that is the hardest most underpaid job there is! I was not cut out for it and during that whole year I felt like my job was taking away from my time studying yoga. While I was working on my teaching certificate in India I realized that life is too short to waste time doing something you’re not passionate about. I wanted to focus all my energy on yoga, so I never returned to my school teaching gig.

AUGUSTA: What do you love most about teaching yoga?

Katie: I feel so inspired after every class I teach because of the students and the practice. I love that the people who show up to class are there because they want to learn more about this practice that I love so much! It’s my favorite thing to talk about and they are open to listening! That is amazing! I feel so grateful for the students because without them I wouldn’t be able to do this!

AUGUSTA: You always have the best playlists.. What are some of your favorite songs on your current yoga playlist?

Katie: Smoke it if you got one by Blended Babies and Easily by Bruno Major

AUGUSTA: Alright Katie, lets wrap this up with some rapid fire round of Q&A:

  • Favorite yoga pose: Skandasana
  • Least Favorite yoga pose: Urdva Dhanurasana
  • Favorite local hangout: Posies
  • Favorite coffee shop: Two Stroke
  • Favorite brunch spot: Tin Shed
  • Favorite park: Columbia Park
  • Favorite hiking spot: Angels rest
  • Morning Person or Night Owl: Mornings even though I’m a little grumpy sometimes
  • Favorite season:  summer
  • Favorite Snack: Lara bar
  • Favorite Drink: Matcha latte



Katie Cosgrove teaches at Namaste on Williams on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 (beginning in January) and on Saturday mornings at 9:30 as well as at other yoga studios around town. Stay current on her schedule and private offerings at