Lauren Fields

Lauren began her yoga career at 20 years old in 2004 when she completed her first 200 RYT with Senior Iyengar Teacher Victor Oppenheimer through the Yandara Yoga Institute. From her first training she developed detailed knowledge of alignment in standing and supine postures. In 2010 she attended a second 200 hour YTT with Lotus Seed in Portland Oregon where she studied linking postures together in the modern yoga style of vinyasa flow. She taught consistently in both studios and in private settings until she opened her own mobile yoga studio in 2015, Yoga to You LLC, which brings customized yoga outside of a studios, such as homes, businesses, and corporations or business events.

In 2015 she also completed her certification in SUP ( stand up paddle) yoga through Bliss Yoga based in San Diego, as well as a 50 hour continuing education certificate with Tiffany Cruikshank for her class on Hip Therapeutics.  She began teaching SUP yoga in partnership with Next Adventure right away. That relationship continues and together they bring SUP Yoga to Sellwood River front Park every weekend through the summer months in Oregon. In 2017 she added onto her business by building a boutique yoga studio in the heart of northeast Portland where she hosts small group series such as “Intro to Yoga 6 week series, part one two and three.” In 2018 She applied to the Oregon Marine board in order  to become an independent on water outfitter so she could  offer SUP yoga classes outside of Next Adventure. She became affiliates of Boga Yoga, an internationally known  paddle company, as well an ambassador for Werner paddles. Yoga to You has since run two successful SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings, the first in 2017, and the second in 2018, certifying 13 yoga teachers to safely teach yoga on the water.

In 2018, once Yoga to You was operating smoothly, Lauren went to finish her personal goal of working with a teacher she has revered for many years, Simon Borg- Olivier, creator of Yoga Synergy. She  considers him to be one of the last teachers of traditional yoga. Simon spent almost two decades with Shandor Remente, some know him for his creation of Shadow Yoga. He’s also studied with internationally known teachers such as Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar, and  Desikachar. His most recent teacher is a master of  internal martial arts, Master Shen Hua Yang. In November of 2018 for 35 days, she went and studied with Simon to obtain her 300 RYT. Through Simon’s teaching she studied the relationship between moving actively from the ‘core’. In the east, the core physically correlates with the enteric nervous system in Western Medical Science, which is the largest component of the autonomic nervous system. In the Eastern cultures the ‘core’ is considered the origin  of all movement and source of main energy channels, or Nadis in the body. It is called the Kanda in india, located between the navel and pubic bone. Through Simon’s teaching Lauren studied and practiced active movement from the core in association with seven spinal movements. Active movements are the traditional way to come into and out of yoga postures, a concept that has been overlooked through most modern vinyasa yoga. Lauren has over 15 years both practicing  and teaching. She considers herself a forever student.

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