Lauren Bielenberg

Since a young age, movement has been a part of Lauren’s life. She competed in gymnastics for 8 years, trained for half and full marathons, took kickboxing lessons, and did weight training.

In 2016, Lauren found yoga after severely over training for a marathon. Yoga and loving kindness meditation helped Lauren slow down, reconnect to her body with gratitude for all that it does, increase her emotional and mental well-being, challenge her physical and mental strength, and cultivate patience and curiosity for the process of change. Through her personal growth and healing journey, Lauren was (and continues to be) inspired by the yoga community, acknowledging that everyone has a story.

Lauren encourages body awareness, appreciation, and acceptance, meeting the body where it is with gratitude. Her goal is to help students connect to their bodies through movement and breath, believe in themselves, and feel empowered by their emotional and physical strength. She believes in the importance of creating a safe space for her students to tune in to what their body needs while being guided through movement and breath work.

Lauren is a 200 hour RYT and NASM certified personal trainer. She continues to further her yoga education through additional workshops and trainings.

This new-to-Portland yogi is excited to help her students explore with curiosity, feel challenged in a supported way, and be a part of a beautiful community.

Lauren's Upcoming Classes