Ashley Wood

Ashley's practice began in 2008, when a friend brought her to class in Boulder, CO where she was studying Economics at the University of Colorado. She was hesitant to go at first, but instantly fell in love. In 2016, she completed her 200 YTT in Chicago, at "Live, Work, Yoga" studying with Rich Logan. This training was integral to deepening her own practice and expanded her perception of yoga.

Ashley values the growth mindset yoga practice provides. She sees each experience on the mat as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. To Ashley, this practice is an essential tool for exploring the mind, body, spirit connection. She believes the healing benefits of yoga are key to finding balance in our modern world, and likes to share this transformative energy with her students. "It’s amazing how much awesomeness we can draw from this practice, it’s limitless really!"

Ashley’s Upcoming Classes