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Ali Matt

Like many, Ali was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, in search of variation from other physical exercises. Always passionate about living a healthy and balanced life, she soon discovered there was much more to yoga beyond the physical practice.

The constant challenge of physical, mental and spiritual harmony is what kept her coming back to her mat. Yoga became an avenue of inspiration and self discovery, through breath and movement.  Teaching yoga has been a tremendously gratifying experience, where she is able to share something she loves, as well as learn and grow along the way.

Her students are her inspiration and she is always encouraging students to discover the capabilities of their physical bodies and spiritual selves. With detailed attention to alignment, she hopes to offer an avenue of connection to being in the present with focused attention on how the body moves in space. Through her teaching she looks to offer a welcoming environment, as well as an experience that expands far beyond the mat.

Ali's Upcoming Classes