Your Journey. Your Yoga. NOW.

At Namaste on Williams (NOW), it's not about us.  It's not about the teachers.  It's about you, living this messy, busy, challenging, and beautiful life.

Whether you are new to yoga and wanting to increase your strength, flexibility, or peace - or a seasoned yogi seeking the next step on this path.  We are here for you.


The Journey to NOW


Yoga tends to come into our life when we truly need it. For some, it's casually acquired. For others, intuition takes over and one may find themselves in a yoga studio, facing a fear of not knowing what the heck their doing, and end up either loving it or absolutely hating it.

One way or another, you leave the studio with something intangible to take home. At minimum, that is a peace of mind. I believe that in this mind-body practice, where the mind goes, the body will follow, which then will create inner stability from outer fluidity.

Fluidity is exactly what I needed. All in the same year, I quit my corporate job, signed the lease for Namaste on Williams, and a few months later found out I was having my first baby! It was not part of “the” plan, but I had to flow with the punches of life.

Most of the things in my life that bring me the greatest amount of joy and contentment are connected to the yoga practice. This is what I hope to share with our students - it’s not just about the asana or mastering that crazy arm balance or inversion. Yoga teaches us to truly listen to ourselves. It can peel away all the layers that we’ve been hiding under allowing us to feel athletic and free in our own skin. 

At NOW, there’s a community here to support you along your journey - whatever that may be. Because we believe it’s..

Your Journey. Your Yoga. NOW.

XOXO Augusta Fishman

Founder of Namaste on Williams